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Welcome to Sugartown review

Welcome to Sugartown  - Carmen Jenner

I was halfway through, thirdway through or whatevs before I flung the stupid ebook(my phone, damnit I hope the warranty covers this) against the wall in sheer rage.

Wtf is happening?! Ugh why am I repeateadly being the victim of crappy books that just turning me into a homicidal bitch. I heard plenty of good recs for this and everyone was praising about the humour and blah blah.
I didn't even laugh. I was too busy trying not to stab my heart out to quench out the rage.
Storyline is okay. Typical nonetheless but still okay.

What I'm not okay with is the treatment of women. I put my hands up. I'm a strong feminist. Heck, all women should feel this way because if we don't defend ourselves, who will? Why are we constantly the victim to douchebags? Why do we still love them despite seeing them cheating on us and ruining our lives?
Fuck the evolution crap. We seem not to be attracted with the best male in our species. Instead we're attracted to dickwads.

" Sometimes you just need to fuck a woman, you know. To forget? To remember? Hell, if I knew, but there’s a base instinct to burrow yourself inside a woman when both your heart and head can’t take any more fucking misery. It’s a stupid as fuck excuse, but there it is"- what's that fucker's name? Shit, I can never remember names. Uh...Cam...no not Cam...ah Cade. I think.

So this heroine avoids her bf after finding out he's a bad boy involved in gangs. Well duh, obv you avoid him after one of his gang mate knocks you down, bruise you up a little and rape you with his fingers. Hell no even I wouldn't date him.

Then the chick sees that dickwad ramming a woman against the wall because apparently the guy couldnt take rejection very well and settle to the next walking vagina.

Seriously, why are men dicks and women are skanks?

Anyway, heroine feels her heart breaks into million pieces. Guy sees her with an Uh Oh, I'm so Screwed face before running after her to tell her he's sorry and he loves her.


Seriously? Am I the only unretarded one to see what a shithole he is?
Okay, moving on.

Cade visits her store to grovel for forgiveness again. Manages to make out with her because boy, that bitch is such a cheap skank that she allowed herself into a make out session with him even after seeing him fucking another girl.
The fuck why would she do that? Because we're so self destructive apparently.

Skip a month later and dah dum, heroine gets trashed after drinking too much To-Kill-ya and gets raped by her ex bf, another douchebag. This book is full of douchebags apparently.

And the cherry is popped. Boo hoo. Well she did kiss him first in a drunken splendor. The fuck would you do that to yourself, I've no idea. MUst be the self destructive mechanism that we all seem to have.

Chick then turns up at Cade's door, all trembling and dirty and Cade got angry blah blah *inserts testosterones*
And what do you think the chick does afterwards?
She fucking kiss him!
'Oh make me forget. Wash it all away blah blah'.

This is the point where I chucked my phone away. Seriously...I feel like I need to erase the last hour in my brain.
Not a happy camper. I don't understand why women are always portrayed as cheap vaginas who are ruled by their stupid emotions. I thought having a vagina is better than havinf a ball. Those can seriously take a pounding. We are made of strong stuff and yet why are destroying ourselves for men?

And for that, I am clueless.